Online Shopping

online shopping

Shop Online

Check out our new online shopping portal! With robust features such as click-to-cart coupons, healthy living recipes and sections, and multi-angle product images, we are sure your online shopping experience will be easier than ever. Click here to get started!   

Digital Coupons

digital coupons

New Online Coupons are Here!

Digital coupons are added to your loyalty card when selected, and will remain on your card and shopping list until they either expire or are redeemed. Or now, if ordering online, you can click-to-cart! That means, once your purchase the item online, the discount will be updated in your shopping cart! Click here to see the […]

Healthy Living


Healthy Living

Our new website features lots of healthy and fun recipes, where you can even click-to-cart all the ingredients in one click! Our registered dietitian has great food tips that can help you shop for a healthier lifestyle! Click here to see a full list of recipes.