Allergy-Free Food Demo at PS69 with Jacqueline Gomes

This March, registered dietitian Jacqueline Gomes gave a hands-on demo to students at PS69Q about allergy-free foods and healthy eating.



As part of our Healthy Schools Program, we visit local inner NYC schools and offer them healthy food ideas and options that they are able to find and purchase from our stores and/or online. This year, Jacqueline taught three classrooms of second graders about allergy-free foods and how to substitute in new items. The kids got to make (and eat!) strawberry banana ice cream (dairy free), and sunflower butter banana raisin wraps (gluten-free, peanut-free).


The food critics were in – many were vocal about what they liked and didn’t like, and we were happy to provide them with the experience to try to things and the education of thinking outside their everyday lunch items.

The students were able to take home the recipes, as well as some of the ingredients to make their own at home.


Thanks to our sponsors this year as well: Earthbound Farms and Wild Friends for donating product with us to provide to the students of these schools.

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