Local Schools Label Program

We love to give back to our local communities any chance we get, and for the 2016/17 school year, Ferreira Foodtown has come up with their own labels program for schools to earn money and prizes for their students and classrooms! Similar to the BoxTop program we all know, the Local School Labels Program revolves around Foodtown labels and grocery items.



Parents cut out and collect UPC labels of purchased Ferreira Foodtown brands and place on provided paper sent to schools that will host 25 per page.

Expiration dates will not be counted – instead will just have two set TURN IN dates: Have to return labels before Holiday Break (December 31) and May 1st.

10 cents per top. Parents are allowed to collect over holiday and summer break and submit for the following semester collection.

Marketing and signage for schools can be ordered free of charge upon request.

For eligible schools: check will be sent for the amount raised over $20 to the school up to $1,000 per label collection semester or $2,000 total per year maximum. Earnings are sent out to schools twice a year, in January and in May. The January check includes all labels earnings accrued from September 1 – December 31 totaling $20 or more. (If the total is less than $20.00, this amount will be carried over and paid in the May check.) The May check includes labels earnings accrued from January 1 – April 31.

Additional Incentives:

Winning classroom receives a special Foodtown hosted classroom party, and teacher also receives a special gift. Details will vary by school.

To learn more about how you to get your school involved, please email Stephanie Barnhart at stephanie@socialmindedmediagroup.com or call 412-680-4222.